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Onur Painting

Mural Art

Mural Artist

Onur Painting

The world of street art in Zillertal

You might already have discovered the large mural in the courtyard above the Green Lounge on the first floor. During the day, the big mural painting represents a giant diplay of cool jungle landscape. At night and with the help of blacklight, it transforms into a magical underwater world. In the dark, hidden elements suddenly come to the surface and create their own magic. The creator and artist “Onur Dinc” is an internationally renowned painter and muralist. He is known for his futuristic and sometimes experimental painting techniques. Based on his classic painter’s education, he studied stage and graphic design. Later, he discovered his passion for large-scale painting and started his career as a successful street artist. Onur sees his role primarily as a commentator and conscience of society and reflects this in his art. In addition to mural painting, or “Mural Art,” Onur creates art prints and drawings on canvas. He has exhibited his works all over Europe and in America and has immortalised them on large public walls.

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