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The earth without art is just "eh"

We love art. That’s why the coolnest is an ever-changing oversized piece of art. Individual art has “grown” with the hotel in  short time. Artist friends come and go on a regular basis. They keep working on new, creative installations. For example the signage, photobox, paintings and collages, the interior design of the lift and the “neon nest” in the Green Lounge were created and staged by artist and house friend Anton Unai. In the inner courtyard, the large “mural” by Swiss street artist Onur comes up trumps with an oversized mural painting of changing magical worlds between day and night. The “insect artist” Andreas E. Furtwaengler, also known for his “giant spider” at the Kristallhuette, contributes to the artistic enhancement of the coolnest with versatile creatures and drawings inside and outside the hotel. The elegant and expressive paintings and portraits by contemporary artist Tanja Hirschfeld inspire and enthuse almost every viewer. Come in and step into the colourful world between fantasy and crazy reality and marvel at the many small and large pieces by all these and other artists in our lively exhibition at the coolnest.

cool(nest) artists

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